I am Vital was launched by a nutritionist who often took along a few snacks to her group sessions to show people how easy it is to make healthy, tasty snacks. She was repeatedly asked where the snacks could be bought and so she launched I am Vital.

I took over I am Vital in 2016, inspired by my real food upbringing and a passion for health and fitness. My motivation is to offer people fun, delicious and nutritious food, especially for snacks and baking, which is often when we reach for that quick highly processed snack filled with ingredients we don't recognise. These snacks often won't satisfy your hunger but rather will spiral you in to the cycle of an initial high with a subsequent crash. 

Our products are organic, additive-free, GE free and hand-made, helping families to have healthy snacks and baking which are also fun and taste good. All of the ingredients are recognisable as real foods and will satisfy your hunger and provide nutrients at the same time.